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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Video to Promote Your Business

We have known for a long time that content rules the Internet. Currently it has an undisputed king. The crown has been awarded to videomarketing - the type of content that has caused a real social media revolution in recent years. Check why it is worth investing in video marketing for your business.

The days of low-resolution and barely- loading videos, that only cause frustration are over. Video content is everywhere these days. Youtube is the first step when you don’t know how to prepare tiramisù, you want to check how to start a petrol lawn mower, or you are considering a trip to the Faroe Islands. Advertising videos on Facebook play automatically. The younger generation of internet users spends an average of 52 minutes a day on TikTok. Even Instagram "is no longer a photo-sharing app," according to the head of the portal, Adam Mossieri! Below you will find 5 benefits of investing in advertising video for businesses.

1. The video is eye-catching and engages your senses

Currently, video is a favorite type of content. Everyone loves the visual format because the combination of moving images and sound affects almost all senses. Imagine you are getting 20 seconds of someone else's attention. During this time, the potential customer can view the beginning of the article, read five sentences about the company or look at the infographic. Or… watch a short instagram video with a captivating story of your product showed in action. Having at the disposal the possibilities video offers, even 20 seconds is enough to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the consumer and evoke positive associations with the brand. And there are the emotions that motivate customers to make a purchase decision!

2. Video increases conversion and sales

"Whoever does not move forward, he retreats" - the words of Johann Wolfgang Goethe can accurately summarize the idea of ​​internet marketing. In order not to be left behind, you have to follow the latest trends, which is why many companies have already changed their approach to advertising. Over 63% of global brands use video content on the Internet, and as many as 82% of them consider it an important element of their marketing strategy. The numbers speak for themselves - compelling video content can increase your conversion rate by over 75%!

3. Video increases the number of interactions on social media

It is estimated that by 2022, 82% of global internet traffic will have come from uploading and playing videos. Social networks have picked up on this trend and are constantly expanding video features on their platforms. Marketers are more aware of posting videos on social networks than just a few years ago. It is thanks to video content, which, as the favorite type of content, triggers the greatest amount of interactions, that personal and long-term relationships with customers can be created. And when consumers feel connected to the brand, they like, comment, tag friends and share content for power.

4. Video inspires confidence and gives a personality

If you want to build a relationship with customers based on trust and commitment, you need to give your brand a character. Competition is fierce, and customers will not pay attention to one of a thousand colorless companies. Video is the perfect tool not only to stand out from the crowd, but also to let customers understand who you are and what you represent. A professional video on social media consistent with your brand's identity will give your brand personality and strengthen your company's credibility.

5. Algorithms love video

When it comes to positioning a domain in google, every second that users spend on a website counts. Thanks to the so-called retention index, search engines are able to recognize valuable and trustworthy content. The same goes for social media. The more the algorithms are favorable to us, the more often our account will appear at the top of the search lists. Since the time spent on a website or social media account affects popularity on the Internet, how to keep users there for longer? Unfortunately, most of us are familiar with the term TL; DR (too long; didn't read), used when even a valuable text is too long to be worth reading. The photos and graphics are attractive, but it takes a second to view them. However, hardly anyone won’t watch a short, addictive and visually attractive video until the end.


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